E 1 Don

The mystery behind the man is what is intriguing. After the mixtape master leaves the studio, he finds a quiet corner and sits down and becomes the Cereal Mastermind behind the new hottest web series in Atlanta called “Big Bowls Pause”.  Whether it’s Saturday and his crew is filming, or you see him supporting one of his peers at their social event, the mystery man behind the man is revealed every Wednesday when he and his co-host, Auria z and Danny Digitall breaks it down by the bowl. So whether your favorite is Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Frosted Flakes, “ Big Bowl Pause” welcomes you with open arms. But understand that just because there is a mystery behind the man, doesn’t mean E1don is the man without a plan. He just moves quietly and it’s normally with a bowl of his favorite cereal in tow.